We all have impact in other peoples lives and in the enviroment.
Enviromental goals are more important than ever to reduce the damage to the world but how we act weighs even more heavily.

Among some of our practices are:

  • We source leftovers materials and repurpose them.
  • We have met and know our suppliers, they need to comply with environmental rules and have eco certifications, same as practice humane fair and safe working conditions for their employees.
  • We choose our materials carefully, being able to be recycled is a priority.
  • Our boxes, shopping bag and stationery are 100% recyclable.
  • We don’t mass produce, we work in an artisanal fashion in our workshop in Lidingö, Stockholm Sweden. Therefore, we avoid unnecessary inventory and potential waste.
  • We will continue to research and improve as is still a lot to do.

Artisanal Techniques Morphs them into one of a kind pieces

Repurposing leftovers materials is a passion.